Week 2 Harvest Discussion Guide

Sermon recording

If anyone missed Sunday's sermon, encourage them to watch the recording.
Opening prayer (aloud together)

God of harvest,
gardener supreme
you place us at the center
feed us, equip us and
having provided for us
look to a different harvest—
a fruitfulness of lives
in service to you
and others.
God of harvest,
feed us
prune us
harvest us
that our lives
might bring glory to you.

Opening question:

In Pastor Robb’s sermon on Sunday, he said: “Seeing is the starting point for all ministry.” Do you have eyes to see people who are in pain or struggling or in need? Who in your life do you notice is in need right now?

Reading of Scripture

Have someone read Matthew 9:35-38

  • What resonates with you in this passage? Do you experience any resistance? Any questions you have?

  • In verse 35, Jesus is teaching and proclaiming the Kingdom of God and then demonstrating the Kingdom through healing people. Jesus modeled both proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom. Which of these comes more naturally to you? In what ways have you engaged in Kingdom proclamation and demonstration?

  • In verse 36, Matthews tells us that Jesus saw the crowds. Pastor Robb said, “We need to see as God sees so we can do what God says.” What do you see God doing in our church or your neighborhood or your workplace? How can you get in on that work?

  • Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion on them. Having compassion is to co-suffer with another. How do you see Jesus co-suffering with people in the Gospels? What stands out to you about the compassion of Jesus? How have you experienced Jesus' compassion for you?

  • Jesus says: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” What do you think Jesus means by this?

  • Robb pointed out that Jesus doesn’t say, “The workers are few, so get to work.” But rather he says, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Who in your life are you praying that God would send workers to?

Responding to Scripture:

Robb said that we can be the answer to someone else’s prayer. Take some time to consider someone in your life who is far from Jesus or in pain right now. Imagine who might be praying for them. Are you being called to move toward them?

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