Mission Statement: Delaware City Vineyard exists to connect people to Christ, His Church and His Cause.

Vision Statement: "In the City, for the City!" is the phrase you will hear us use often to communicate where we focus our mission. In its simplicity, it communicates purpose, mission, location and hope. The City of Delaware should be a better place because the Delaware City Vineyard exists.  


Delaware City Vineyard Eldership:

We have been working since mid-2019 towards the shift of a Pastor led church model to an Elder led model. 

Click HERE to learn about how this will shape our church and to get to know our newly appointed Elders. 

What we do today, has the potential to impact generations - may that fuel our tanks and guide our steps.


LET US KNOW YOU VISITED | Thank you for stopping by! We're glad you checked out the Delaware City Vineyard online or in person. Our website has a variety of information and resources, but if you have additional questions we want to help. We'd love to hear from you...reach out to us by filling out a quick CONNECT CARD

PLAN YOUR VISIT | We know that it can be weird and is a big step visiting anywhere for the first time. It can be helpful to talk to someone before you serve or attend to help plan your visit. If that sounds helpful to you, fill out a CONNECT CARD and share what event, ministry or service you have a question about. After that, one of our staff or leaders will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!