Week 1 Harvest Discussion Guide

Sermon recording

If anyone missed Sunday's sermon, encourage them to watch the recording.
Opening prayer (aloud together)

God of harvest,
gardener supreme
you place us at the center
feed us, equip us and
having provided for us
look to a different harvest—
a fruitfulness of lives
in service to you
and others.
God of harvest,
feed us
prune us
harvest us
that our lives
might bring glory to you.

Opening question:

On Sunday, we learned that parables both conceal and reveal the Kingdom of God. Parables are mysterious and not clear to us upon first hearing them. They require us to think, reflect, ask questions and look in the mirror. What is your reaction to Jesus’ parables? Do they frustrate you or make you curious? Do you prefer parables and metaphors or straightforward, clear communication?

Reading of Scripture

Have someone read aloud Matthew 13:1-17. Encourage people in your group to use their imagination and try to picture Jesus’ parable as it is being read.

  • What was it like to use your imagination while listening to Jesus’ parable? Did it come naturally or was it difficult to do? … As you imagined the story in your mind, what stood out to you?

  • The disciples ask Jesus why he speaks in parables. And he replies in verse 11: “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them.” What is your reaction to this response from Jesus?

  • Jesus seems to be suggesting that he is using parables to conceal his message from people who don’t have hearts to receive it. How does that compare with how we as Christians often share the message of the Kingdom?

  • Jesus explains to the disciples that each soil represents the condition of people’s hearts toward His message about the Kingdom. Which of the soils do you think represents the state of your heart right now? Is there a time in your life that your heart was a different kind of soil?

Have someone read Mark 10:17-27.

  • How would you describe the soil of the rich young ruler’s heart?

  • How does Jesus react to the response of the rich young ruler? How would you respond?

Have someone read Luke 14:25-35.

  • This is a hard Kingdom message of calling from Jesus. Do you experience any resistance to Jesus’ words here?

  • In this passage, Jesus again says: “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” What does Jesus want people to hear?

  • What have you given up to be a disciple of Jesus?

Responding to Scripture:

  • Jesus is always sowing Kingdom seeds. Are there any invitations or a calling that Jesus has extended to you that you are resisting?

  • In what ways are you partnering with Jesus in “planting seeds” of the Kingdom to others?

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