Lent 2024 Sermon Series

You probably have seen the statistics related to church attendance. Churches are emptying across America and the wider Western Church. But despite dwindling church attendance, an important practice of the Church endures — prayer.

According to Pew Research, 71 percent of Americans pray at least weekly. Fifty five percent admit to praying daily. People may have given up on the house of God, but they haven’t given up on talking to Him.

Whether it’s saying thank you to the heavens at the sight of a magnificent sunrise, turning to a higher power for direction in your life, or a desperate foxhole prayer asking God to get you out of this mess, we all pray. Our minds and hearts seem to be wired for it.

But if we are honest, unless we need guidance, get blown away in wonder, or find ourselves in a bind, we sometimes don’t know how to pray. Sometimes prayer feels boring, frustrating, or empty. Even the most mature Christians get stuck in their prayer lives.

This Lent, we will explore what prayer is, why we pray and how Jesus taught us to pray. On Sunday mornings, we will learn about various forms of prayer and then we will practice them as a community throughout the week.