We invite you to partner with the Delaware City Vineyard for this year’s global day of giving and unity. Giving Tuesday is on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (Nov 30). This is a moment to pause to align our hearts and priorities with being generous as we move through the Holidays. This year we have affectionately named the Delaware City Vineyard Giving Tuesday campaign “In The City, For The City''. 

"In the City, for the City!" is the phrase you will hear us use often to communicate where we focus our mission. In its simplicity, it communicates purpose, mission, location and hope. The City of Delaware should be a better place because the Delaware City Vineyard exists. As you mark your calendar for Giving Tuesday, pray that God would use our church for His Glory...equipping us with the resources to care for our city. 


To give joyfully, generously and expectantly to support the mission and vision of the Delaware City Vineyard. Our previous Giving Tuesday Campaigns have been used as special offerings for outreach ministries (Convoy of Hope, FEEDdelaware, For the City Initiative) and our recent sending campaign Beyond Our City (Kelsey Thornton). This year we have discerned that we will allocate this special offering to equip our church to bring hope and healing in the name of Jesus. 


Click HERE to give a financial gift. If you prefer to provide an in person or mail a donation, see the details below.

  • IN PERSON: Drop your donation in an envelope with "Giving Tuesday" on the check or envelope.

  • MAIL IN: You can mail your donation to Delaware City Vineyard at 32 Troy Road Delaware, Ohio 43015. Be sure to indicate on check that it is for Giving Tuesday.

ONLINE GIVING: You can give online! Click HERE to donate to  Giving Tuesday: Beyond The City!

Thank you for supporting the mission and vision of the Delaware City Vineyard! #InTheCityForTheCity


This will cause us to use this year’s Giving Tuesday giving in 3 designated ways: 

  • STAFFING NEW HIRES (60% of Giving Tuesday Total Giving)  |  You read that right! Our Elders have given us the green light to move forward with pursuing additional staffing! As we come to the end of 2021, we have a good picture of the staffing needs we have to care for our church and city. The staffing needs our church has requires additional financial support to do this. 

  • FEEDdelaware FOOD PANTRY (20% Giving Tuesday Total Giving) | Our Food Pantry is one of the practical ways we serve our church and city-bringing relief, hope and healing to our city. We currently have the financial and practical resources to continue serving guests with our weekly drive-thru pantry. We have hopes and dreams of resuming a regular rhythm of community dinner. Partner with us to help us make those dreams a reality!!

  • SAVINGS (20% Giving Tuesday Total Giving) | This is simply good stewardship (Spend, Save, Give)!