A sermon series on Jesus' parables in Matthew

Each fall, the fields around Delaware bustle with activity as farmers bring in crops that have been growing all summer, primarily corn and soy. Gardeners, similarly, tend to their plots with a unique enthusiasm and delight. The air is filled with energy and excitement as the fruits of the year’s labors are gathered in.

Jesus often used agricultural imagery and parables to speak about the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom is like small seeds scattered in all kinds of soil. But beware, there is an enemy planting weeds. The Kingdom is like a landowner who pays unequal wages to his workers. The Kingdom of God is being taken away from the religious leaders and put into the hands of those who will produce its fruit. The Kingdom harvest is great, but the workers are few.

What does all this mean?

Join us in October and November at DCV as we explore the mysterious, subversive farming parables Jesus told in the book of Matthew that both reveal and conceal secrets about God's Kingdom.