What is True Freedom?

In America, we love freedom. We live in the Land of the Free. But does American freedom align with the Biblical view of freedom?

“We live in a world awash in fantasies of freedom,” writes author and pastor Eugene Peterson in his book on Galatians. “We spend enormous sums of money and immense amounts of psychic energy on these fantasies. We fantasize a free life based variously on power, on sex, on fame, on leisure…But the world we live in is conspicuously and sadly lacking the experience of freedom…Living in the land of the free has not made us free; we are a nation of addicts and complainers.”

This Spring, join us at Delaware City Vineyard as we explore the book of Galatians, which has a lot to say about true freedom. As we study this book together, we will see how Jesus sets us free from the things that keep us in bondage — our past, our sin, the present evil age, and the desire for control. But He also sets us free to live a Spirit-filled life, embrace beloved community, serve others, and grow the fruit of the spirit.