Introducing GENESIS

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Many of us have an innate curiosity to know our family history and understand our origins, linking us to something greater than ourselves. Think about how popular DNA ancestry tests and sites like have become.

The book of Genesis meets us in the ache that we all have to know where we come from and why we are here. It is the ultimate origin story. In Genesis, we learn that our origins trace all the way back to a loving and living God who spoke into nothingness and brought forth a world and a people that is good, beautiful, complex and deeply loved.

Genesis captures the original intent of our relationship with a God who loves us, wants to be with us and provides us with everything we need. It also clues us in to how the world and humanity have been broken by sin and how God is working with His people to restore and redeem it.

Genesis is a long, complex book with many literary styles and stories that can be puzzling to the modern reader. Rather than going chapter by chapter through the book, in this sermon series, we will explore how the book of Genesis gives us the origins stories of a place, a people and a purpose that were all designed and animated by God.