A sermon series on the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit

A recent Barna study reported that about 60 percent of people who regularly attend church don’t think the Holy Spirit is a living, active entity. That means the majority of people who are committed to worshiping God and studying His Word in Christian community don’t believe the Holy Spirit exists or that the Spirit is simply symbolic.

One of the gifts of the Vineyard movement, which DCV is a part of, is the way we lean into the Holy Spirit. In the Vineyard, we believe that the Holy Spirit still moves and acts in power today, speaking to us and empowering us to heal the sick, prophesy and deliver people.

Here is how Diane Lehman, a leader in the Vineyard movement, describes the identity of the Holy Spirit in her book Hello, Holy Spirit:

“He is not a ghost, an impersonal force, or an elusive power ‘out there.’ He is neither a doctrine to be studied nor a distant deity to be feared. He is a Person to be known and loved. He is God Himself. He is one of three Persons of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Beginning April 16, join us for a six-week sermon series on the Holy Spirit, leading up to Pentecost when we celebrate the day the Spirit was poured out (Acts 2). We will cover things like healing, prophecy and spiritual gifts and also create space to practice Holy Spirit ministry. Not sure how you feel about the Holy Spirit? Don't worry, there will be space for you to ask questions and wrestle with any confusion and doubt you may have about the Spirit.

We are joining hundreds of other Vineyard churches in exploring this same content during these six weeks. We expect the Spirit to meet us and move in power as we join other congregations across the country in crying out, “Come, Holy Spirit!”

The Legacy of the Holy Spirit in The Vineyard