We believe it’s important to consider the challenges in front of us AND to be intentional as we create church gatherings that are effective for NOW, not a bygone era that slipped through our fingers or a longed-for future that is yet to arrive. 

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  • 9:15AM TRADITIONAL SERVICE | This service is geared towards those with older children or adults and families who are attending without children. This service will feel very similar to how our Sunday service was previously structured - worship, teaching, ministry, communion. We will offer this service in-person and online. 

  • 11:15AM FAMILY SERVICE | In order to support families with younger and school-aged children, our 11:15AM service will be tailored for families to worship, learn and grow together. Our 11:15AM service will be :45 service and will include, worship, teaching, activities, and prayer. 
  • FAMILY MINISTRY CLASSES | BIRTH - 5th GRADE | We currently are focusing our energy on equipping and caring for our families during our 11:15AM Service. At this time, we do not have seperate classes for children on Sunday mornings.
  • YOUTH MINISTRY | 6th-12th GradeWe believe it's essential for our walk with Jesus to do so in community with peers and leadersMIDDLE SCHOOL GROUP (6th-8th grade) and our HIGHSCHOOL GROUP (9th-12th grade) are the mid-week spaces for youth to know Jesus alongside friends and youth leaders. 


  • ONLINE SERVICE | Click HERE if you like to join our online service on Facebook.
  • ON DEMAND | In addition to our in-person and Facebook option you can also access our Sunday online service each Friday prior. This will allow everyone to access our service when it is convenient. If you are unable to join us on any given Sunday, click HERE for the most recent message.
  • EQUIP RESOURCE | Each week, we’ll hear from different DCV voices to encourage and equip us. We will dive into a variety of helpful topics addressing the practical and spiritual needs each of us and our children have. You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE
  • SPIRITUAL PRACTICES RESOURCE | Check out this resource! Click HERE for our Spiritual Practices video library.
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