Sunday starts off the week. Every Sunday, we introduce the weekly focus that will be supported Monday through Saturday through weekly resources, video, spiritual practices, RightNow Media, small group discussion questions and additional material to make sure that the whole week is supporting the Sunday teaching. 

In the time of COVID-19, it’s important to consider the challenges in front of us AND to be intentional as we create church gatherings that are effective for NOW, not a bygone era that slipped through our fingers in the last 6 months or an elusive, but longed-for future that is yet to arrive. For that reason, we are going to double down on the mandate of scripture and the purpose of the church and change the format of Sunday morning gatherings (both in-person and online).

  • Click HERE for a letter from our Pastors, Julie & Robb Morgan our most up-to date service FAQs



  • 9:15AM - In-Person & Online Service - This service is geared towards those with older children or adults and families who are attending without children. This service will feel very similar to how our Sunday service was previously structured - worship, teaching, ministry, communion.

  • 11:15AM - In-Person & Online Family Service - In order to support families with younger and school-aged children, our 11:15AM service will be tailored for families to worship, learn and grow together. Starting on Sept 6th, our 11:15AM service will be :45 service that will include, worship, teaching, activities, prayer etc. Whether in-person or online, our 11:15AM service will be interactive and designed to support the needs of the entire family.
  • ONLINE SERVICES - Click HERE to connect to the Online Service platform or HERE to follow us for our Facebook Live service. 
  • ON DEMAND - In addition to our in-person and online services you can also access our Sunday online service each Friday prior. This will allow everyone to access our service and weekly focus when it is convenient. If you are unable to join us on any given Sunday, click HERE for the most recent message.


Delaware City Vineyard has decided that it will be good for all of us , young and old alike, to know where we are, where we’ve been and where we are headed. Below you will find a variety of resources that we will be helpful as we move through 2020 - and beyond!

We were made to journey through this life in relationship with others and would love the chance to connect with you! Below are links to request more information and to provide updates so that we can best serve one another.