You're Invited!

We have big news! Starting on August 15, our church is moving from two services to ONE service at 10:15AM. Each Sunday we see a few new faces - some returning after a long time away, while others are visiting DCV for the first time. 

It will be good to have our whole church family together at one time. We invite you to pray with us for our church family and to consider how this shift to one service will foster greater connection for you, your family and the DCV family.

LIVE STREAM: Our livestream time will begin at 10:55AM. 


If you aren't able to make it to in-person service or simply want to take a sneak peak before coming in-person, we have you covered.

Our live-stream begins at 10:55am* on Sunday mornings (through August 8). At that time we begin with online specific announcements and ways to connect before our message and time of response. 

*Huh? 10:555AM? You read that time right. Currently, we are streaming our announcements, message, and response time while we learn and grow with live-streaming. That means we aren't streaming the worship part of our service. That's the time difference. Good catch!


You can also always visit our FACEBOOK PAGE where you can interact directly with us during the service.


Click HERE to read the full announcement from one of our elders, Doug Peterson. 

Get connected and help others connect! 

We are looking for volunteers to serve in various ways on Sundays. If you are able to serve, click HERE to get more info and let us know you're interested. 

Sunday Serving Opportunities: Moving into the fall, you are invited to join in and help make this change impactful for you and others! Serving is a call for us to serve God and one another resulting in transformed lives, connections and community. 

This is an invitation to shape our church by caring for each person that comes to DCV. We believe the Body of Christ is designed to serve one another. By serving in these ways you are helping to extend the gospel across generations, through out our city and beyond! Thank you serving Christ, His Church and His Cause. 

1 Corinthians 12:12-27