You're invited! We hope to see you regularly through out the summer. Our Sunday services are a great place to live a transformed life with Jesus and others. We currently have two services. Our first service starts at 9:15AM and our second service is at 11:15AM. 

Before you choose which service you want to come to, mark your calendar for August 15. On that Sunday we are coming together for ONE SERVICE at 10:15AM for the foreseeable future. Until then...pick the service that is the best fit for you and get connected. Check out the details below! 

Traditional Service (9:15AM): This service is geared towards those with older children or adults and families who are attending without children. This service will feel very similar to how our Sunday service was previously structured - worship, teaching, ministry and a time of response. This service is available in-person and online. 

Family Service (11:15AM): This service is curated for families with younger children. This service starts with worship and a a large group teaching. After that time, Pre-K to 5th graders head back to our Family Ministry space for age appropriate  groups to engage in stations (Crafts, Game, Snack, Story Time). During that time adults and youth remain in the large meeting space to listen to the morning message and have a chance to respond to the message. 

Get connected and help others connect! 

We are looking for volunteers to serve in various ways on Sundays. If you are able to serve, click HERE to get more info and let us know you're interested. 


If you aren't able to make it to in-person service or simply want to take a sneak peak before coming in-person, we have you covered.

Our live-stream begins at 9:35am* on Sunday mornings (through August 8). At that time we begin with online specific announcements and ways to connect before our message and time of response. 

Below are the quick links for our next Live Streamed service:

*Huh? 9:35AM? You read that time right. Currently, we are streaming our announcements, message, and response time while we learn and grow with live-streaming. That means we aren't streaming the worship part of our service. That's the time difference. Good catch!


You can also always visit our FACEBOOK PAGE where you can interact directly with us during the service.


We have big news! Starting on August 15, our church is moving from two services to ONE service at 10:15AM. Each Sunday we see a few new faces - some returning after a long time away, while others are visiting DCV for the first time. 

It will be good to have our whole church family together at one time. We invite you to pray with us for our church family and to consider how this shift to one service will foster greater connection for you, your family and the DCV family.

Click HERE to read the full announcement from one of our elders, Doug Peterson. 

LIVE STREAM: Starting August 15, our livestream time will begin at 10:35AM.